Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Great Commission for Haiti Assigned to Fondation Justima

Justima has started Fondation Justima For Democracy and Pilote Development_firstly, to give the masses a breather when it comes to the spiraling costs of food and daily basic necessities, and secondly to pick 3 places in Haiti where Justima and the foundation can start showing Haitians and the world, concretely and on the ground, what physical transformation of each of these 3 places and what life-altering, life-transforming solutions, innovations and changes he can achieve that lead to mass advancement of the people in these areas. Thirdly and lastly, Foundation Justima joins the leading ranks of those promoting public policies in favor of social and economic justices, in favor of intelligent but profitable stewardship of the environment, and in favor of real and definitive fix of the conditions of underdevelopment in the world.

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